Love, love, love this collection of photos.  This is baby Jackson!

Jackson’s parents Jessica and Rob were so happy to have their beautiful baby boys pics taken they were natural and ineractive.  It was such a joy to photograph them.

I often look at other artists work for ideas and the babies are sleeping, I just don’t have that experience in my studio.  Most of the time my clients are bright eyed and bushy tailed just like the above photo.  Jackson was alert and looking right at the camera which made for some great shots.  The below shot just shows how tiny his little hands are compared to his dad’s.

Again with the big blue eyes!  He had so much depth to his eyes lots of color it was absolutely beautiful.

While taking this shot we were all laughing, he looks like a little fish or seal or something.  Still makes me giggle, but I like the shot.

Jessica and Rob thank you so much for allowing me to capture these precious moments in your family history.  I look forward to seeing Jackson again soon!