Meet Chloe!  She was the winner of my first baby photo contest on facebook.  There were over 50 entries and 500 votes.  Chloe was the adorable winner.

Attached is the picture that she won with.

She won a free sitting and 11×14 wall art print!

Chloe has the biggest personality!  She was all about taking pictures and for a one year old that’s not usually the case.  She was all smiles and good times.  I think the following pictures show Chloe at her best.

This is her favorite little piano, and stuffed bunny.  I’m not a big prop person but when the objects are meaningful I think it makes for a great picture.  Don’t ever hesitate to bring your childs favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or toy.  Those objects that your child endears so mucy will soon be gone and all you’ll have to remember is a picture.

Have you noticed the adorable tutu and onsy outfit yet.  Chloe’s mom Kelly makes and sells these when she’s not being an amazing teacher.  She can make the bows too.  She does wonderful work and for a lot more resonable price than the boutiques that made these so popular.  Take a second to become a fan of her page on facebook. Lisa and Kelly do great work!

She has the most amazing blue eyes!  I just love photographing kids with bright eyes.

Chloe is a girl after my own heart, she loves cake!  She was all about the cake, some kids dive in, some kids don’t want to have anything to do with the cake, but Chloe was all about eating it all.  She was adorable.  There were about 20 pictures I wanted to post of her cake eating, but this was Kelly’s favorite and I have to admit it is pretty adorable.  I especially like that you can see her two little teeth.  Perfect!

Chloe your 1 year pictures are perfect just like you!  Thank you for letting me take them.  I can’t wait to watch you grow up, and be there to capture it with my camera.