This is Stephanie and Tyson!  It really doesn’t get much better!  The following are pics of Stephanie and “her boys”.  Let me tell you about their special love.

Below is Nickolas and he really does have those great big blue eyes!

Tyson is an amazing big brother he was so helpful during our shoot.  Nickolas was starting to break teeth during our shoot and  want’s feeling top notch, but Tyson was right there to help out any way he could.  He was one of the most helpful kids I’ve ever had the honor of working with.  So pleasant and willing to contribute.  Stephanie is one lucky momma to have these beautiful boys.

It was Nickolas’s first birthday so we of course had the traditional birthday picture celebration.  Don’t let this picture decieve you, he was not into it at all.  Some kids just aren’t.  In fact he wasn’t into the cake at all.  That’s when I called on Jon to help.  He had just gotten home from work.  He walked into the studio and Nickolas was captivated.  All kids are when they see Jon.  He’s tall and funny, and has an energy that kids can’t resist.  He looked at Jon for a good minute and this was his expresstion the whole time.  Like hey big guy are you going to play with me?  Pure perfection for a photograph.  Thanks hubby for being my guarenteed baby smile machine.  LOVE YOU!

Here are just a few more.  I had so much fun working with these kids, I look forward to watching these boys grow into amazing men!