Every now and then I open my eyes and realize all kind of craziness is happening around me.  I mean seriously fabulous things, and seriously drab things.  So I decided every now and then I should document these monumental moments in my life.  Ok mostly not monumental, but still important.  Somewhat important anyway.  Here are my 5 fabs for the week…

*Went to lunch at Gingers on the square in Liberty.  Good food, and better company.  Thanks Jamie.

*Played 4 hours of tennis!

*Went to the Designer showhouse.  Favorite one in years!

*Discovered my new favorite snack.  A flat wrap with Mozzarella and salami microwave for a few secs.  Just a little party in my mouth.

And the fab of the week… drum roll xmas vacation style please…

*My dad washed my car for me!  Inside and out!!!  YAY!

And sadly enough my 5 drabs…

*Lost was a rerun.

*Layla woke up in the middle of the night and puked yellow stuff on the floor, what a treat.

*The people racing on I-70.  Scary.

*Hitting myself in the eye with my tennis raquet.  I’ll only say this once if you ask or notice my bump I will tell you Jon threw his raquet and hit me.

*Got peed on in a shoot this weekend by a newborn.  I will say this one is funny.  The little guy peed 3 times during our shoot one of which was on me.  I do love my job!

Looking over this list I realize most of this happened this weekend. I am a busy girl, but I had a lot of fun doing what I do!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Lots of love!!!!!


PS  If you’re having Monday blues just think it could look like this outside!  Just a few short months ago it did!

Ahhh… Looking at these pictures makes me so happy to be alive!  Today is was sunny, 70 and flawless in KC.  A perfect day for something outside.