I know you’ve seen this little model before.  She’s kinda hard to forget!  Little Maven is literally growing up before our very eyes on the blog.  She loves the camera and the camera loves her!  Prepare for uncontrollable ahh’s complete with squenchy eyebrows.

Cute smile complete with tongue and adorable monkey.

Maven gets her happy demeanor and big smile from her mom Lesle.  I love working with Lesle and her husband Matt, always good times.

Her little hands will only be this adorable for a short amount of time.

This picture says princess to me!

She loves looking into the camera which is awesome.  I am really good at getting kids to smile until I go back behind my camera then they give me this look.  Hey where did that lady go?

There she is.  Haha I love it!   There are 90+ pics of beautiful Maven equally as cute.  If you want to see more, just drop me a message.  Lesle and Matt thanks again for letting me take your pictures! I can’t wait to see Maven again in a few months.  She’s just changing so much, I love being the one to capture it.