There’s no doubt I love taking pictures of bellies, and babies but every now and then I like to step out of the studio to take pics of a beautiful wedding. It keeps me on my toes, challenges me in ways my studio never can, and gives me a chance to take pictures of one of my most favorite things…weddings! I love love love weddings! The bride, the groom, the guests, the music, dancing, the food and of course the cake. It’s all amazing and watching it all go down through the lens of my camera capturing all the coolest moments is an adreniline rushing experience that leaves me exhausted with a perma grin. Tomorrow I have a wedding and I’m so excited. I always like to go back and review my old wedding photos basically tearing them apart. I’m hard on myself, sometimes too hard, but it’s how I learn. While reviewing tonight I came across some photos I took with Mags in Boca this March. I wanted to share a few. I can’t wait to pack my gear and get going tomorrow. I’m feeling the creative juices a flowing.

These pics are of Waylan and Susan. Two St. Lous studs. They’ve been together a long time and are still madly in love. I really enjoyed working with them on their big day.

The wedding was supoosed to be at a beautiful outdoor venue, but unfortunately it was raining hard that day. Blah.  I think the inside alternative was beautiful, but it definitely made it hard on Mags and I.

This picture below makes me smile because Susan is totally smiling while she’s kissing Waylan.  These are the moments our lives are made of.

Please send me all your creative juice for my wedding tomorrow.  Oh and if you could send the sunshine that would be great too!