These are pictures of Elizabeth and her perfect belly.  Elizabeth came to me from Miami.  Not Miami Florida, Miami MO.  I am so happy she found me and let me capture the love she has for her baby and husband.  Our time together was filled with lots of laughing and amazing conversation.  Elizabeth is a horsey lover like myself.  She actually trains Arabians and is very competitive.

This is her husband Nick and he was so awesomly adorable during our shoot.  I said it, it might not be a word, but it fits Nick.  There were tons of amazing pics of the two of them.  I just couldn’t even pick so I decided to share this adorable one with you.

Elizabeth is stunning. I mean really who gets to look this great preggers!  Amazing!

Tomorrow I get to take pictures of their new baby boy and I can’t wait!  Thank you guys for letting me be a part of your awesome experience!