These are the feet of one lucky and adorable little girl!  She has a mom that is absolutely perfect and a grandma that gives her endless love.  Meet Erika and the very important ladies in her life!

The below picture pretty much sums up Jenny’s all around demeanor, she is always upbeat and positive.  I love being around her because she oozes love.   So let me tell you a little story.  A few months ago, I have no idea when I just know it was winter,  Jenny contacted me to do a head shot for her new job and business card.  The day before the shoot it snowed a couple feet, that might have been an exaggeration, but Jenny was determined to make it in her little car anyway.   About 15 minutes before the shoot she called and told me she was stuck.  I told her no worries I have a big black truck that loves snow.  She wasn’t real familiar with the area so I just drove around with no luck.  Jenny called shortly after I stared looking and told me a bunch of men had come and literally pulled her car out of the snow.  After meeting Jenny I could see why getting help was no problem for her.  She’s absolutely stunning inside and out.  The following pictures are from our spring shoot.  Jenny’s mom was in town from South America and she wanted a generation pic.  I love these pics, her are a few of my favorites!

This one is hilarious!  Erika has a huge personality so it totally fits her.

You might have noticed Erika is missing a few teeth.  Pretty cute!

This pic touches my heart.  It totally sums this relationship up.

What I failed to tell you is that Jenny works for Liberty Mutual and she saved Jon and I a ton of money on our insurance.  I am so lucky to now have her in my life.  We will be life time friends!  Jenny and Erika it is always a pleasure photographing you!