What! I can’t even believe 6 months of 2010 are gone.  It seems like just a few short months ago I was making my goals.  I figured since time seems to be flying by I should probably revisit my goals.  Kinda fun, kinda not.  I think about these goals a lot, but I haven’t looked at them since I hit publish when I wrote the post.  So here goes.  I’ve definitely been working hard, but have I actually achieved anything?  Hmmm…

1. Grow my business, I mean really grow my business. That means following up with clients, asking them for referrals, and being brave enough to put myself out there. Part of this will come from being a part of a business networking group. Umm yah I’m gonna cross that one off.  I still need to do a better job of the follow up thing.  I love my clients and I think about them often, but do I tell them.  Not so much.  I just gotta get this juggling thing down.  I’ve gotten sooo much better about putting myself out there.  That credit goes to you.  I’ve been so supported and encouraged, so thank you.  xoxo

2. Have my first gallery opening! There are really 2 sets of photos I want to have gallery openings for. The first Indonesia, and the second women, beautiful women, normal women. You get the idea. Photography is my passion, my art and I need to make that form of my expression a priority.  It’s on the calendar.  The pics are printed and with the framer.  This is a dream come true.  Gives me the shakey hands to think about it.  Details to come.

3. Have over 150 shoots.  I’m more than half way there!  Can’t cross it off yet.

4. Run a photography workshop, I want to share what I know with others, and hopefully learn something too.  It’s on the calendar!  Look for September workshops.  Right now I have 2 dates and a kickass workshop planned.  It’s the Fabulous Photography Workshop series!

5. Some small stuff, shopping cart for proof page, new blog, new pics on website (almost done with that one YES), you get the idea, for most of this stuff I need Jon’s help.  Shopping cart is on the verge of being done!  Can’t wait!

6. Get 1,000 fans on my facebook page. I’m not sure if this directly results in new clients, but it can’t hurt. Just 500 to go. Yikes that’s a lot! Please suggest my page to friends, that would be awesome, and help a lot! Done!  Thank you Thank you!

7. I have 2 photography book ideas, but I have no idea where to start. This year I’m going to start and see what happens.

8. Finally I want to start a charity organization that takes pictures of kids in poverty. I’ve seen those kids, I’ve worked with those families and those kids deserve good pictures too! While I haven’t started an organization I am now trying to get active in 2 photography charities, and I’ve made donations to almost a dozen organizations.

OK, so not bad!  In fact I’m liking where this is going.  Thank you all for you super awesome fab support and words of encouragement.  I do have the most fabulous people in my life.   I just hope I can repay you someday in some way!