This is Claire!  And she had her pictures taken for her first birthday!

Claire has a viabrant personality.   She is curious, excited, and overall happy.  Did I mention she loves to crawl.  SHE LOVES TO CRAWL and laugh at the same time.

She loves to crawl so much she spent most of her time crawling right off the set.   Lucky for me I had to fabulous parents on hand to pick her up and start her over…on the other side of the studio.  LOL

She also loves to point at EVERYTHING!  I love this picture I mean she’s pointing at me, or the camera, doesn’t get much better than that.  Susie and Cliff were so great at laughing right along with me.  You can’t control kids and that’s what makes their pictures so awesome!

I know you’re thinking the same thing as me.  Why doesn’t Cliff have his toes painted too?  Don’t forget to notice those adorable wrinkles on Claire’s legs.  Perfection!

We finished our shoot with a cake.  Everything in life should end with cake!  Some kids love cake some don’t…

Claire loves cake!  I love the balloon in the pic!  Want one for your next shoot?  Just let me know, there is a secret place in downtown Blue Springs that can balloon anything.

This is Claire…