Prepare yourself!  It’s the Bondi boys, and they are even more adorable in person than they are in these pics!

This is Charlie and the shoot was really all about him, even though his brother was more than happy to jump in and share the spotlight.  Both boys have the brightest personalities, they are all over the place and happy so so happy.

Michael decided he should hang from a tree.  Check out those awesome teeth.  He did this when the camera wasn’t ready, so I had him redo it, and he did.  Just like that.  Sometimes it’s moments like this when you realize how fast time flies.  I remember taking Michael’s pics when he wasn’t  walking, now he’s hanging form trees.

Ok this pic is not wall worthy, but it’s hilarious.  To me it looks like they’re on a roller coaster.

Thank you Charlie for being so near perfection.  Even your cowlick is perfect.

He thought it would be fun to run off into the deep dark woods alone.  Brave little boy!

This is one of my favs from the shoot.  I knew the rocks would be the perfect spot, but the light was all patchy coming through the trees, so I snapped a few off just because.  Just as I did the clouds handed me a gift by covering up the sun and acting as a softbox.  I clicked a few more.  As it turns out I like the patchy light ones better.  Sometimes as a photographer you just never know.

I’ll title this one “Little boys and their scars”!

This willow tree was gorgeous, just had to share a pic of it.

Felicia and Michael, thank you so much for having such beautiful boys.  I know they may make you tired with their endless energy, but they are perfect inside and out!