So sometimes babies do cute things.  Wait I take that back, babies are always doing cute things.  Even their little cries are cute.  I think it’s the only way we are still in existence.  God said ok I know I am about to give you a huge burden, one that most days you’ll wake up wondering how you’ll survive.  But, I’m gonna make it real cute.  And so we have babies.  Because they’re cute.  After looking at this little baby you might decide you need one for yourself, or need another one.

Being a baby is awesome, it’s the only time a double chin looks good!

If you’re thinking this baby looks fat, you’re right at just a few days old this little porker barely fit into my newborn props.  I love a fat baby.  And Axel is no exception.  You remember his mommy  Elizabeth when she had the beautiful belly.  Well look what she was hiding inside.  Axel was an awseome model.  We was awake, he was alert and then he went to sleep.  A perfect shoot for a perfect baby.

Who can resist really?

Nick, Elizabeth, and Axel I am so lucky to know you.  I look forward to capturing your family for years to come.