Guilty!  I’m guilty, I admit it, I’m not proud, but I compare my work to that of other artisits.  Sometimes I think I’m better, sometimes I know they’re better.  It’s such a natural human thing to do. I try really hard to compete only with myself, but we’re surrounded with amazing photography, it’s everywhere.  The digital camera has taken some of the novelty out of photography.  So I like need to get to the point, right?

My point.

Tuesday I took the day to hang with Cara at the pool.  Her last day of summer before the start of school, and I’ll admit I needed a day off.  Anyway, she saw in my bag a professional photography magazine and said “oh that’s a creepy picture”.  I immediately grabbed the magazine, curious.  I really value Cara’s opinion. To my surprise it was a picture of a newborn.  Now I hate to pull this exact cover up because this photographer in my opinion is amazing.  But Cara thought it looked unnatural, awkward, and well creepy.  It’s kinda the style right now to take beautiful, sleepy, little newborns and put them in weird settings, and poses.  This particular baby was folded over itself with it’s hands under it’s head and it was smiling.  Now you know it wasn’t really smiling, but the photographer was good and captured a moment.  So the point…I really need to focus on my style.  Get back to feeling the moment and capturing it.  Here I was trying to recreate that style, the “in” style, when I really needed to focus on what I’m good at. Capturing the emotion.  Mostly between parents and their newborns.  Mostly love.  So if everyday has a lesson, today mine would be to love my work with the understanding that photography really is an art and everyone has a style.

Check out these pics and you’ll see what I mean.  If these don’t make you feel something you might need to go the ER right away for CPR.

I just can’t stop looking at this pic!  It’s hilarious and awesome.