Meet most perfect adorable Colton and Keira!  As you can see they are a perfect pair.  This is one of my favorite shots to take of the siblings when the little one is still too young to sit up by themselves.  However, it doesn’t always turn out this perfectly!  Notice the contrast in eyes!

Keira is a spicy, fun-loving ,little girl that adores life like she adores her momma and daddy.  Here she’s smiling at her mom Devin camera left.

Colton is the typical chilled out second child.  He’s chubby, happy, and makes faces like this!  I love it!

This picture should remind us all the close our eyes every now and then and take it the perfection we call life.

Kids love to try to see me through the lens.  I love the pics I get in the process.

When you’re 3 and adorable you can do things like dance around the studio in nothing but a crown and tutu.

Jason, Devin, Keira, and Colton thanks again for allowing me to capture these fleeting moments.  I cherish them, and look forward to the next time.