This is little Oliver and he really is this cute!

These are his crazy brothers Jonah and Hayden.  Jonah is all about having fun, he is  a free spirit that loves to smile.  His brother is a much more serious kid, it’s probably safe to say they’re opposite.  But just as this picture shows they are buddies.  Competitive, but mostly friends.  Jonah is more worried about sports and how to have fun, while Hayden is all about learning.  Only in first grade and already reading and comprehending Little House on the Prairie, Hayden is a book worm.  He even had a mad science birthday party where they did fun and crazy experiments.  Sounds pretty fun to me.  Oh did I mention he’s polite, like from another time polite.  I was impressed, however I can really relate to Jonah more.  I did not memorize the periodic table just for fun.

This post is really about Oliver since he was the man of the hour.  It’s hard to say which direction Oliver’s personlity will go, being he’s only one.  There is however one obvisous fact.  He’s got a personality, a BIG one!  And he loves cookies.  He was surrounded by cookies the whole time.  Any face you see that isn’t smiling is him asking for more cookies.  HAHA  During shoots we give kids cookies.  Keeping them happy is kinda important, and eventually they’ll be older and cookie negotiation will be a non issue.

These are his dynamic parents Jill and Mark.   With three boys under the age of 8 you gotta give them props for being so much fun.  They are laid back and loving, just trying to let their boys become whoever, or whatever they want to become.   Jill also introduced me to Tea Drops and bubble tea so I will love her forever!

I can’t wait to watch these boys grow up from behind my camera.