I know it’s not Thanksgiving or anything, but every now and then a little soft spot in my heart cries out thank you, thank you, and insists on being heard.  And I’m getting so close to my gallery opening, and it’s 2 in the morning, and who really thinks clearly at 2 in the morning anyway.

So here goes.

Thank you Jon for giving so much of your free time to this gallery opening.  You have totally revamped my website, designed a poster for the sign outside the door, and you read all my crazy text about each piece, even though you lived it.  Being supportive isn’t always easy, but you make it look like it is.  And sorry for not putting the computer down tonight when you were dancing around the living room trying to get my attention.  I should have stopped and danced with you.

Thank you Cara for being the most supportive friend I have!  You helped me pick out pics, talked strategy until you were blue in the face, and helped me put together matted pics even when I didn’t ask.  Oh and you’re going to help with wine and sales the night of.  (you probably didn’t know that one yet) I don’t know where I would be without you.  I guess I need to also thank Ian in advance for filming the event.  Ian you’re a cool guy and I’m really happy Cara is marrying you.

Thank you Justin for helping with sound and video production.  You’ve been so awesome.  I can tell you care, and caring people are cool, especially caring people with a band.  http://www.guskc.com/ Thanks for letting me sing with you even though I can’t sing.  Next time it’s best to pick out a song that is mostly shouting.

Thank you to all the friends that reposted info about my gallery opening.  So many of you have shared the info with your friends on facebook.  I love you, love you for doing that.  And of course thank you for coming.  Especially my fam from the other side of the state!  Much love!!!

Let the countdown begin…

Oh and no post is complete without a pic.  Here’s another one that will be featured at the event this Friday.  It’s perfect for this post.