This is Jacob and by lookng at this picture you’re probably thinking he is totally posing.  Well, think again.  Jacob is two, and 2 year olds don’t sit still, let alone pose for the camera.  I didn’t even know I had captured this most perfect expression of Jacob’s until I was working in post production.  You see Jacob was running around the back of our yard exploring every nook and cranny.  Totally ignoring the fact that I was chasing him, or that his dad was asking him to do things.  Two year olds have one objective and that is to discover the world one touch, one smell, one taste, and one question at a time.

This is Jacob with his awesome dad Nathan.  As you can see both boys have great camera smiles!

If only we could bottle the energy our little two year olds seem to have endless supply of, we would be soooo rich!  Photographing two year olds is an adventure of my own, but I love it!

Jacob I loved taking your pictures.  You are always welcome back to explore my yard some more!