So it’s here, the dreaded night before.  I’m going over and over my to do/remember list, in hopes that I’ll get everything I’ve forgotten. Haha!

So I thought maybe my friends could help me.  Here goes…


Business cards

Food and wine

Music- live music is from 7-10

Music for non live music times

portrait art slideshow

attire for me thanks sista sista for coming over today and helping me accessorize

attire for Jon

haircut for jon– he didn’t understand why he needed a haircut and cute oufit.  BOYS!

website- here he is working on it at 10.  He’s pretty frustrated right now.  I guess writing code is hard.

small prints

print stands


napkins and toothpicks- UGH almost forgot

Easel this will be outside the front door on the sidewalk


did I mention the art?

I guess lastly I’ll need a good night sleep!  Night Night everyone.  I hope I don’t dream of tomatoes.