Baby Love: A great song by The Supremes, but also the special way new parents feel about their new arrivals.  Baby Love.

Meet Ainsley the proud baby of parents Jenni, and Joel.  Her parents have hard core baby love syndrome.  They are the definition of obsessed.  I don’t think I need to say much about these newborn pictures, because the photos do their emotions justice.

I do want to say that Jenni is a gorgeous momma.  Red hair is my absolute favorite to photograph.  Perfection!

Funny story, Joel and I swam on the same swim team as kids.  He didn’t know I was Allison McIntosh until he got to my house and we started taking pictures. Halfway through the shoot he made the connection and I remembered.  Pretty funny how things work out.  Joel was quite the swimmer as a kid now he’s quite the daddy.

Ok not my most perfect picture but I couldn’t resist.  I just wished the bunny would have cooperated more.  He refused to look at little Ainsley.

Ainsley was such an easy baby to photograph.  Not sleepy, but definitely willing to let us take a pic of her pretty mug.

I can’t wait to see Ainsley grow up.  And I have no doubt her parents will always have baby love for her.