I’ve been absent on the blog lately.  Partly because I’m busy, partly because it’s takes time I don’t have, but mostly because  I don’t feel like I have the words to accurately describe the amazing people  I get to work with.  That was definitely the case with Jen.  This is my third shoot with Jen this year and to say I think she’s awesome would be an understatement.  The first was boudoir where she bravely agreed to go with her sister in law, the second was for fun with her husband downtown, and now she’s got this amazing belly.   Also she’s got amazing Angelina Jolie lips.  Jealous.

I stuggle with her story , because Jen was one of the many women who couldn’t get pregnant.  Tried for years, but nothing happened.

She had several failed in vitro attempts.  Which cost her a lot of money and even more heartache.  On her final attempt, it took.  Her pregnancy has been oh so much easier than the actual getting pregnant part.  I didn’t know Jen before she was pregnant, but she smiles all the time.

There’s no way for me to put into words the feelings and emotions Jen must go through on a daily basis when she looks down at her round belly.  I’ve never been there, and maybe it’s even hard for Jen to put into words the power of these pictures.  Here’s what she wrote to me in an email after seeing her gallery.

“I LOVE them! I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was looking at them. They make me very happy. You did a great job! I might not be able to choose which are my favorites! Lots of people are already commenting on them on facebook. I am so glad I did it. We’ve waited so long for this little guy and I know that in the future, as well as now, that I’ll treasure these pictures. For a long time we didn’t know if I’d even get pregnant so these pictures are a huge celebration and a reminder of the blessings we’ve been given.”