This story starts like any good newborn story, with a belly.

A perfect belly, beautiful really.  This belly belongs to Colleen, she’s one of those pretty pregnant people.  I mean I think all pregnant women are glowing and beautiful, but some just seem to get lucky, and Colleen is one of those women.

This is her baby Greyson, he’s not so much a baby anymore and much more like a boy.  He didn’t really know what he was getting into when his parents told him he was going to be a big brother in a month.  I’m sure ideas of a little playmate where first on his mind.  Even though Lyla may not have met Greyson’s expectations entirely, he loves her all the same.

By the way Greyson is at that fun age for photogs when they like to make the cheese smile.  It only lasts about a year, but man it’s hard to get a genuine smile.  I feel so fortunate to have captured this shot.  This is Greyson’s REAL smile.  🙂

I tried several times to type something about this pic, but words can’t describe.  It’s soooo hard to get a good newborn /sibling pic.  I usually warn parents about the bad odds, but on this day the odds were in our favor.  Aww I can see this on their senior slidshow.

Colleen and Greg are such natural parents taking pictures was easy.  Newborn shoots require patience, endurance, creativity…and milk.

Little Lyla you couldn’t have been born into a better family.  You will have so much love in your life!