A surprise, a gift from the heavens, an angel passed into the arms of special people lucky enough to have the responsibility.  That is what a newborn baby is, and for Heather, that was a gift she had given up thinking she’d ever receive.  Until she found out about baby Gianna!

I won’t reveal Heather’s age, I’ll just say she looks amazing.  But then you can see that for yourself.  I was shocked when she revealed her true age to me in a casual conversation, as she stared, oozing love adoringly at her daughter.  She explained that her age is making this life change easy.   Even at one week her favorite thing to do is cuddle with Gia on the couch.  From my perspective, she just filled the hole in her heart she didn’t know was there.  Daddy Sammy is just as gaga.  Sammy and I went to high school together, and I guess I never really pictured him as a dad.  Well, he’s a natural, he made it look easy.  I was totally impressed.

Sammy told me his brain has been spinning with the possibilities for his little girl.  The awesome stuff, and scary stuff.  I don’t think those feelings will ever go away.

These are the moments that count.  The yawns, the kisses, and even the dirty diapers that let you know your baby is healthy.  Heather seems to enjoy it all.

Taking pictures of Gianna, Sammy and Heather was so much fun for me.

Gia you are a beautiful little girl, I look forward to watching you grow up.