Sometimes people get lucky, lucky to find love, lucky to find happiness, and lucky to look this good 8 months pregnant.

For Justin and Stephani all of these are true.  I think you’ll see it for yourself when you view these pics.

Actually their story started with luck.  In college Stephani was friends with Justin’s brother and when he came to visit  KU where both Justin and Stephani went to school, he stopped by to visit.  Immediately the sparks went flying.  Being the confident woman Steph is, she didn’t hesitate to call.  They met out later that night, and I guess you see the rest is history.


Their luck didn’t stop with finding love because now they have this little bug.  Evelyn is a precious little darlin’.  Sorry there are so many pics, I just couldn’t stop myself.

The picture  below is the reason I love taking pictures of newborns.  It’s totally unpredictable!

Justin has a band, and he’s a  really talented singer and guitarist.  He performs weekly all over the KC area with his band GUS.  Check them out here!

So of course we had to get some pics of little Evie on the guitar.  This one was a fluke, but I had to share .  Notice the peace sign and the microphone hand.  I think she’s going to rock out like her daddy!  haha

And then I love this one.  Wall worthy!

Evelyn is all about faces.  Here are just a few she made right in a row.  Perfection!

Stephani and Justin thank you for letting me be the lucky photographer to capture these precious moments!