Some people sparkle, not because they are a vampire in twilight, but because they have so much inner beauty they just glow without even trying, even in the dark.

Trisha is one of those people.  You walk in the room and she immediately takes over with her glowing, shining beautiful nature.  I met Trisha by coincidence, well not really.  She married Bobby Guffey.  Prepare yourself for some giggles, we were in 4H together!  Yup I use to show and actively participate in 4H.  4H forever baby!!!!  We didn’t raise cows, or knit, but we did show horses together.  I was there when Bobby showed his horse Traveler for the first time, got his first truck, and his first kiss.  Time passed and we lost touch.  Until this summer when he was at a wedding I was shooting.  Trisha was in the wedding.  Funny how things work out.  Trisha and I hit it off immediately.  Both of us girls that just like to have fun!  Long story shorter, she let me take her family pictures this fall.  I think you’ll understand the whole sparkle thing after seeing these pics.  The whole bunch loves to laugh and have fun, and so did I!

Bobby with his parents.  They’ve known me forever, but haven’t seen me in years, so when I walked in and Bob told me I hadn’t changed, at all, I wanted to give him a big smackaroo!

Gage with his grandma.  Look at those sweet little hands.  Don’t let him fool you in these pics, he’s all boy.  In fact he reminds me of those sour patch kid commercials.  One second he’s shooting you down with his stick gun, and the next he’s giving you a huge hug.

Trisha gets her inner glow from her mom Sheila.  When I got to their house she came out to help me and offered me a bowl of  chili and  iced tea because she knew I’d been shooting all day.  Now that’s a mom!


I imagine Trisha spends most of her time like this.  Those boys are obsessed with her, so it was easy for my to take their pictures.

Gage you were perfect!

So Bobby and Trisha…

Wow!  Words can’t describe how much fun I had taking these family pictures!  Trisha and Bobby your family is like hot chocolate on a cold day.  Sweet and comforting.  Thanks for letting me capture its beauty!