So this post was inspired by one of my most favorite clients, little Eva from Arkansas.  Here is the facebook message I received today titled “You have competition”.

“Allison – Eva got a “pink camera” for Christmas (Santa came early to our house as we are leaving for Boston tmw). She has been quite a shutterbug ever since – truly hilarious. By about 9 am, she had taken 200 photos. Of which, 20 were good. My favorites were the pictures of the TV while she was watching her new Tinkerbell movie. We’ve also enjoyed holding one of her toys while she takes a picture of it. This may be her calling…. :)”

So having shared this I was inspired to post a list of the gifts that left their mark on me.  I’ll try to keep this short because I know all of you have your own presents to unwrap.

My top 10 favorite Christmas presents of all time…

10. A sewing machine  – My brother James gave me a pretty hard time about this one. He thought I was nerdy, I thought I was finally free.

9.  A wicker vanity- Ok, this one wasn’t that great when I finally realized it was furniture, but the under tree suspense was huge, because the boxes were out of this world big and wrapped.

8.  A leather jacket- My mom totally had me crying at that Christmas because I thought I hadn’t gotten it only to watch her pull it out…after Christmas.  I was pretty snotty at that gangly age of 13 and probably deserved it.

7. Plastic white bouncey horse- I don’t remember this one much but the home videos are evidence enough that I really really loved it!  Even bonked my mouth on the hard plastic mane and kept on riding.

6.  A funeral package – I’m not lying, my dad bought Jon and I plots and funeral packages.  Apparently it’s a big investment.  I told him it was the gift of eternity.

5.  Stuffed reindeer – Every year my mom would put a reindeer in my stocking.  I was a stuffed animal buff  and loved it when I would see that little fuzzy head sticking out of my stocking.  I’m still hoping she brings that tradition back someday.

4.  G.I. Joes, homemade guns, and barbies, I couldn’t pick.

3. A mixed music casette tape my brother made for me by copying off his own collection. I don’t remember all the songs, but I do remember “Desperado” and “Allison’s Road”.

2. My engagement ring – Jon had it all wrapped up in a nice story of our relationship.  Pure perfection.

1. Money – Sorry for the serious anticlimatic nature of this one, but need I say more?  Really?

This wasn’t an easy task because really I’ve been blessed with so many gifts over the years, it’s hard to pick favorites, but these were the first to come to mind.  Nowadays, Jon and I don’t even exchange gifts.  We buy trips around the world,  furniture, and tennis lessons, to share together.  When I look back my favorite gifts have nothing to do with the actual gift, the unwrapping, or the suspence of opening them, rather, I remember the moments in time that these material objects help me remember.  Isn’t that what it’s really about, a moment in time marked with a feeling of joy and complete happiness.  I wish all of you joy and complete happiness this holiday season.

I have so much love in my heart for all of you!

Happy Holidays!!!!!