They’d been friends for a long time, but Samantha was secretly pineing over Chris.  And, there was always the mutual attraction, but it wasn’t until recently that they were able to truly admit their love.  That’s when Chris decided to propose, and she said yes.  From behind the camera their love was obvious.  Their connection was  magnetic, when he moved, she moved, when she moved, he moved.  Ok, so I stole that from Eclipse, but their love might just be as good as Edward and Bella’s.  Seriously.  We tooled around the city Thursady afternoon, looking for all the best light, not that we needed it.  Samantha was glowing.

Did I mention Chris was awesome!  He was so up for anything.  Loved it!

Sam, you’re hot.  Seriously you worked it!

This is a little planning and a lot of luck!


Chris’s family owns Eskew jewelry, and he runs the store in Indep.  So you can imagine how gorgeous the ring was.  Huge perfect solitaire, and 2 yellow diamonds on the side.  Custom design for Sam.  Very pretty!

So, I’m kinda crazy.  Which is probably why I decided to sing a creepy song for them while they danced around during these pics.  I can’t sing so it came out more as a collection of weird noises.  Whatever, it made them laugh, and it’s a great memory we won’t every forget!

This pic sums it up!  Taken at Harry’s Country Club, one of my favorite restaurants!  They both have those googley eyes.  I love it!

This is on the wall at Harry’s.  Hilarious.

Sam and Chris, I had a blast taking your engagment pictures!  I’m already looking forward to your exotic wedding next year!!!!