With the holidays barely behind us it’s time to start thinking about the next holiday.  One of my favs…Valentine’s Day!  I love the candy, flowers, dinner dates, pink and red galore, the basic concept, and of course the cards.  I don’t even care that it’s a very successful Hallmark marketing scheme.  What I don’t love is coming up with a good gift for Jon.  That’s mostly why I love taking BOUDOIR photos and making the daunting task of shopping for hubby easy.  Super easy.  Here are a few of the pics I recently took.  I wish I could share more, but privacy is important.  She was super ecstatic to share the pics, because she loved how she looked.  You should know she’s around 40.  I’ll just leave it at that.

There is just a few thing you should know about my boudoir photography.

1. All the pics are tastefully done, I like to consider them art.  Really hot art.

2. The shoots last about an hour and a half.

3. I’ll help you with wardrobe.

4. It really helps if you get your makeup professionally done.

5. You can drink wine and bring a friend.

6. I promise to make you look and feel your very best, inside and out.

7. Yes, I will airbrush you to perfection. 🙂

8. Ultimately you control the shoot, but I will guide you through poses and coach you on how to look sexy.  Don’t worry smiles are also so sexy, if you’re like me and look ridiculous being serious.

9. Lastly, I love doing these boudoir pictures.  They are some of my favorite shoots to take.

Here are some of the comments a few of my lovely ladies have given me about their experience.

“My boudoir session was AMAZING!  I was so apprehensive about doing it because, I am not a fan of my body, but I wanted to do it for my husband to have on our wedding day.  When I left your studio, I was so confident with myself and the curves I have.  You made the session so comfortable and truly made me feel beautiful with all of my curves!!  When I saw the pictures, it made me look at myself in a new way.  Not only did I like my body but you captured parts of my that I would have never seen as beautiful.  I was amazed!!!  These pictures did so much for my self image!  Oh yeah, and my husband loves them too!!”

“Allison is a wonderful photographer. After having some fantastic pictures taken of our 2 month old I decided a boudoir shoot would be a great Christmas present for my husband. Being a little hesitant, as I had only given birth 13 weeks ago and wasn’t quite back to pre-baby body, I called her up and scheduled a shoot. It was so much fun! You lose all sense of being self-conscious. She makes you feel like a supermodel! I highly recommend to all women, not only as a great gift for your significant other, but also as an intense self-esteem booster.”

“I decided my boyfriend of two years needed a little motivation to take the next step. I asked Allison to take some sexy pics of me in my ‘hint hint’ panties and she helped make my dream come true. My pictures were not only beautiful but a work of art, I’ve never looked or felt more beautiful. My boyfriend must of felt the same because he took the ‘hint’ and we’re currently engaged.”