Last year I made a list of goals.  It was really more of a 5 year plan.  Little did I know that when I put my mind to something, great things can happen, and sometime saying it out loud does help.  So before I go into my 2011 goals I need to take a look back.    These were posted exactly one year ago today.

1. Grow my business, I mean really grow my business. That means following up with clients, asking them for referrals, and being brave enough to put myself out there. Part of this will come from being a part of a business networking group. I have indeed grown my business, I need to work on the referral thing, but I get better every day about putting myself out there.  The networking group is doing so amazing. I really wouldn’t even call it that now, it’s more of a business growth group.  We all push eachother to achieve more every month.  Love it!

2. Have my first gallery opening! There are really 2 sets of photos I want to have gallery openings for. The first Indonesia, and the second women, beautiful women, normal women. You get the idea. Photography is my passion, my art and I need to make that form of my expression a priority.  The gallery opening was a huge success.  I can now mark that one off my bucket list.  I look forward to sharing my work more in 2011.  Right now it’s on display at Cafe Sophia, and in just a couple days it will be on display at Dean and Deluca in Overland Park.  I also participated in some art shows.

3. Have over 150 shoots. I blew this one away.  Haven’t stopped to count, but I think it’s more around 200!

4. Run a photography workshop, I want to share what I know with others, and hopefully learn something too. YES!  I held my workshop and it was great.  I will be hosting more of these in 2011.

5. Some small stuff, shopping cart for proof page, new blog, new pics on website (almost done with that one YES), you get the idea, for most of this stuff I need Jon’s help. New website should be posted soon.

6. Get 1,000 fans on my facebook page. I’m not sure if this directly results in new clients, but it can’t hurt. Just 500 to go. Yikes that’s a lot! Please suggest my page to friends, that would be awesome, and help a lot! Actually just recently reached 2,000.  Thank you so much for suggesting my page to your friends!  I love communicating with my clients, fans, and fellow photography lovers.

7. I have 2 photography book ideas, but I have no idea where to start. This year I’m going to start and see what happens.  This one will be on the 2011 list, I dabbled, but didn’t touch.

8. Finally I want to start a charity organization that takes pictures of kids in poverty. I’ve seen those kids, I’ve worked with those families and those kids deserve good pictures too! I didn’t get the charity  started, but I did donate over 2,300 in sittings to great charity events!

Only two to move on!  Not bad.  Looking at these goals now I see that I need to reach for bigger and better things.  I need to stretch myself thin.  Here goes nothin’!

1. Photography books

2. I want to become more active in a charity that helps families that can’t afford high end portraits.

3.  Attend a workshop with a fabulous photog that can help me define my style.  I’m getting close, but I know I can get closer.

4. I’ve been dabbling in all things portrait photography.  This year I want to push myself to look into other industries.  I’m really loving fashion photography right now.  I like to study the lighitng techniques.

5.  I would like to do more travel with my photography.  Not just for weddings, but for family/kid shoots.  I think Texas will be my first trip.

6. Hire my first employee.  This one scares me, but I’m most excited about it.  I want someone reliable, but also creative, and supportive.

7. Continue to show my Indonesia series around the city, and someday I want to have a gallery opening in NYC!

8. I want to put together a collection of powerful images of kids with handicaps.  My good friend Karren is going to write their stories, and together we want to help raise awareness for these special kids.  I also have an idea for a series of pictures about women and their challenges.  The map has been made now I just need to make it happen.

9.  I’m going to get organized with my time, establish some real guidelines for myself and my clients.

10.  Still need to do better with follow up.  I need to show the clients I love and adore how much they mean to me.

11. Read a book that will help me grow professionally every month.

12. Blog regularly, 3 times a week ideally.  I also want to get better about blogging about the photography business.

There they are!  Get ready 2011, I’m taking this year by storm.

Happy New Year’s everyone!  May all your dreams come true in the next 12 months!