When I meet a new client, there is always a level of anxiety that I try to mask with my smile and constant conversation.  I want the clients that come into my home, into my studio, to like me, feel comfortable with me, and most importantly I want to bring it for them.  I want my creative energy to be uber powerful, so I can turn out the best pictures for them.

What I sometimes forget is that my clients are equally nervous.   They are coming to a strangers house, and being asked to get pretty much naked.  Geez, I thought I was nervous, but never having had this experience I can’t imagine what my beloved clients must go through.

Rebecca was sent to me by her friend Pam who also just had a baby.  I knew Pam would only send me the coolest people in the world, and I was right.  Rebecca came in the studio nervous, but left a friend.

We clicked.

I think I even managed to get her hubby Mike to enjoy getting his pics taken.

They haven’t ever really had professional pics taken, but I would have never guessed that.  They look like models.  Adorable!

Meet baby Julie…

I didn’t have to pull out many tricks for this shoot, all Julie wanted to do was sleep.  Alex her big sister was also so so awesome!

As you can see there is no shortage of kisses for Julie.  I think she’s going to be a little spoiled.

Loooonnnngggg fingers!  Oh and she’s a serious sucker.  If she ever finds her thumb she’ll be so happy!

Sisters!  Alex was like my little assistant during this shoot.  The two Al’s working together!

I am so so happy Pam sent the Schriever’s my way.  I just love this family and can’t wait to watch baby Julie grow up!