I’m proud to announce I have my first protege.  Little Eva!  She received her first camera for Christmas and hasn’t stopped shooting since.  Hundreds of pictures later she’s developing some real talent.  Already I can see she’s good at filling the frame, getting in close, and finding interesting angles.  Not to mention the subject matter she chooses is superb!  You might think I’m joking, but I’m not.  During our shoot little Eva took a few minutes to run through some of her shots on her little 2 eye ball Fischer price camera.  Some of the moments I spend in my studio are indeed priceless.

This family is one of my FAVORITES for many reasons.  #1 They come all the way up from Fayetteville AK to see me.  This makes me feel more than loved if that’s even possible.  #2 Angie and I are cut from the same cloth so when I see her it’s like catching up with an old friend.  #3 The kids are perfect in every way, and Tim’s cool too.  🙂

“Have you seen my clubs?”

This is a what dude moment!

Eva you’re a doll, Gavin your little fat rolls are to die for cute.  I love love loved our time together!  Much love to this fam!