I’m home and so happy to be able to catch up on some processing, but first I wanted to share a pic Jon took with our new powershot G12 at the shoot on Sunday.   It’s a great little camera to keep in my purse and it has good glass and high ISO capabilites.  So excited to see what this little guy can do out and about.  Maybe I’ll stop lugging my D3 around in my purse.

So the shoot was even more perfect than I expected.  We arrived about 10AM and since we had set up the lights the night before we didn’t have much to do while the models Jess and Danielle got their hair and makeup done.  We wandered around the huge showroom looking at the tile backdrops they wanted to shoot in front of.  Jess was the first to be ready and her dress fit her like a glove despite the fact that it was made of tile.  The back was all open which was great because it showed off her beautiful back and perfect profile.  The front wasn’t finished and she couldn’t lift her arms up, but she worked it.  I really only had 2 posing options for her so I used the light to make the shots interesting and diverse.

Eduardo is adjusting Jess’s dress, he made it!  When I asked him if it’s hard to make clothes out of tile he said no.  He makes clothes for photo shoots all the time, and man he’s talented!  I was so happy to have him there, along with a whole slew of wonderful people that were always helping make sure the dress layed right and their hair looked perfect.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get many shots of the shoot because Jon was super busy, moving my lights, finding outlets, and changing from beauty dish, to strip light, to octobox.  We changed tile backgrouds a lot too which meant sometimes we shot with a shiny background.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

Danielle the other model had a sexy low cut tuxedo jacket on.  It was hot, to say the least.  Both girls had individual looks that I can’t wait to share.  We wrapped up around 5 and celebrated with some wine.  Later, as Jon and I were taking the elevator up to our hotel room he looked at me and said that I totally rocked it.  Man I love my job!