They met in college at K-state, back when they were wild college kids.  I think they are still kinda wild, and I know they are always busy which is why they probably didn’t have time to tell the world they were expecting.  So when I posted the pics on facebook their loving friends went wild with excitement.  They are so very loved, and I can see why!

Even though Jonas was sick with chills, but he didn’t show it.  He wins the hubby of the year award for sure!


Mary just kept smiling.

I get the feeling these two will make a great team.

Then came Henry!   Henry is adorable, cuddly, and strong, and hungry.

Oh, and lucky!  Mary and Jonas love being parents and are so very in love with this little man!  Check out his knees.

I said sleepy right?




Henery, Jonas and Mary I had a blast during our time together.  What a great family!