It had been over a week since I’d held a newborn baby in my arms.  I’m not gonna lie, I missed it.  Kind of scary thing to say out loud since I am so not ready to have kids.  I just love the feeling when a new mom walks in with her itty bitty baby.  I love their tiny hands, the baby smell, and the fact that they are so fragile, and needy.  I’ve gotten really good at finding rhythmn during these shoots.  Not something I could say last year.  I know how to comfort them, when to shoot, when to feed, and when to go ahead and change their diaper.  I even have a whole slew of trips on how to quite them.  Ok, maybe I’m a little more ready, but that’s a whole nother blog.

Meet Griffin…

And his sis Delaney.  She’s 2 and a firecracker!  I love that she totally bonded with me.  I got some great expressions, and she has amazing big blue eyes!

Unlike his sister, Griffin is totally chilled out all the time.  He slept, and slept, and slept.  I LOVED it!!!!

The new hat on the right is from Dizzilicious Designs.

This monkey hat too!  I love the pic on the left.

How do you get a 2 year old to cooperate during pictures?  You’re lookin’ at it!  We held that sucker over her head for a whole hour.

Kacey, and Levi I’m so happy you are friends with Jen, and I’m so happy you live here, and I’m so happy you found me!

I can’t wait for more pics to come!  What a blast!