I think bellies, babies and boudoir just sounds better so that’s why I have it in that order on my website, but really, it should go boudoir, bellies, then babies.  That’s the order Erin chose to get her pics taken.

I’ll leave the boudoir photos for Greg, but I would like to share a little bit about the belly and baby!

It started a few years back when Jon handed me gift certificates for free massages, I was a little more than stoked.  But that’s before I even met Erin and learned that she’s a passionate business owner, always looking to better herself and her business.  She was working at the NAIC with Jon at the time, but wan’t happy.  Her heart was in massage.  So when she decided to jump ship, and go out on her own, I was in awe and oh so inspired!  We would spend our time together talking about how it felt to be self- employed, sharing ideas for what’s working, and what’s not.  Always with a smile, she would quietly encourage me to “just do it”.  She’s an outstanding massage therapist, but an even better friend.  She really inspired, and pushed me to go for my dreams.  She made it seem doable.  I noticed her whole person changing when she went full time into massage therapy, and dreamt of the day I would have that glow.

We didn’t always talk about business, sometimes we talked about babies.  We shared a fear of motherhood.  Both of us worried we just weren’t going to be good enough.  Erin again jumped ship.  And again I am so proud.  Maybe not as inspired just yet, but definitely happy for her.

Her pregnancy was a nasty one.  She was sick for her first 2 trimesters.  She actually lost weight getting pregnant!

She was still glowing but for a whole different reason.  Baby!  Oh and I didn’t mention that she’s kinda obsessed with Greg her husband.  I swear I’ve seen her staring at him countless times with a smile that looks a lot like a school girl with a crush.

Then baby Autumn arrived!  Unlike the pregnancy the delivery was a smooth one.  Just 15 minutes of pushing.  All the mommas out there that pushed for 2 hours are now allowed to groan.


Oh course I was dying to hear everything!  Erin made it seem way to easy.  And she said it was because she had so much love for Autumn.

But honestly if I’m going to give credit to someone it’s Greg.  He was like the baby whisperer!  Seriously impressive!



Newborns don’t giggle and laugh but this kinda looks like she is.  Love it!


Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your little Autumn.  I look forward to watching her grow into a big girl!  And I look forward to Erin getting back to work.  I need a massage!  🙂