This is little Ellis!   And he is one of the most perfect 3 month olds…ever.

His parents Andrea and Roman are rockstarts, and I got to take their pics when Ellis was still a bun in the oven.  We had plans to do newborn pics, but when Ellis was born his legs had to be immediately casted.  Ellis had a club foot.  He was a tough cookie just like his parents and after a few months of casts he is doing great.  He still has to wear cute little boots until he’s 5 months old.  It’s not easy for any of them, but their love for each other flows freely.  In fact Ellis’s grandma was at the shoot.  When I asked her what it felt to be a grandma for the first time, without hesitation she told me it was liquid love flowing through your heart.  I’ll never forget those words.  Or her warm smile when she said it.

And they brought their dog Oscar.  Who stared at the camera like a good little boy!  I’m just wondering what Ellis is saying here?

I love taking the first family photo.  You know the one for the empty space above the fireplace.  What an honor!

Not sure which I like more the eyelashes or the hair!

Oh Ellis you are a doll baby!  I can’t wait to watch you grow up!  And take your pictures!


Roman, Andrea, Ellis, and Oscar, and grandma.  YOU. ARE. SO. MUCH. FUN!