It’s hard to believe 4 years ago I took pictures of little Izzie just days after she was born.  It’s scary really.  Since then I’ve done countless shoots of these two and trust me it never gets old.  Their mom Kim is a wonderful client that has become a good friend.  It’s nice to have the same clients come back year after year.  I get to develop a real relationship with the kids and the parents.  And I love watching them grow and change.

Owen is always ready to have his pictures taken.  He looks right into the camera and pretty much does whatever I ask.  He’s a serious little boy so when I get him to share his sweet little smile (like the 2nd pic) my day is complete.  Izzie on the other hand has always been camera shy.  But now she’s 4, and things have changed.  She was hammin it up!

I’m pretty sure Owen has a modeling career in his near future!  Seriously!!!!

See look, he’s working on his abs shot.

As these two get older I get a little sad.  The good news is that Kim is pregnant with #3 so I get to start all over with a brand new little Salsman!  So excited!!!!!