I knew there was a chance the shoot wouldn’t happen.  It really depended on the weather, not because we would have to cancel if it rained, but because the weather affects how Chris feels.  He has sickle cell anemia, and just days before the shoot his mom Jana was worried it wasn’t going to happen.  But it did, and it was perfect.

Christopher and Christian are adopted.  They share a biological mom, and two loving parents.  In fact there is no shortage of love in this family.  It was easy to take their pictures because they are truly happy together.  I put Jana and Jonathan up there in the angel category with hospice workers, teachers of kids in poverty, and foster parents.

Work it boys.

Christian is just a 3rd grader, but I think he looks much older here.  What a cutie!

This was taken with a mix of natural light and strobe.  I had a strobe set up all the way to the right of the boys.  The window light filled in the rest.

Chris was amazing the whole time.  And I think he liked it.  At one point he said “mom can we take pictures all the way until lunch?”


I know these pictures will be cherished forever!  I love my job so much it gives me the greatest joy!  Sloan family, thank you for allowing me this experience.