Meet Macie who turns one in just a few days!  There’s not much for met to say about this cutie and her one year pictures, I think the pictures say it all!  Here are a few from her gallery I just couldn’t wait to share!

Macie screaming and talking and smiling all at once.  Scralmking!  She is just one and doens’t “talk”, but talks all the time!

This is Macie waving to grandma!  She also waved goodbye when she was leaving.  What a doll!

This is Macie giving me the “yah I’m beautiful and look at my lashes” look.

Clapping for momma!

Just being cute.  Oh melts my heart cute!

Macie was hammin’ it up.  So when it came time for cake I thought it would be so great.  Except sometime babies don’t like to get messy.  And Macie is one of them.  But she loves her pacifier.  I couldn’t resist sharing.  Look at those eyes!!!  And a little bit of cake and drool on her chin.

Adorable perfection!  That’s about all I can say!