Meet Melissa and Michael.  Two of the warmest spirits I’ve ever encountered walked into my studio with open hearts, and open minds, ready to capture the most substantial moment of their lives.

And Melissa you are a near goddess!  The picture on the right is a sonogram of baby to be.  You can see the spinal cord and head of the little bun in the oven.

I’m always a little nervous when I have a first time client come for maternity pictures.  It’s not easy asking pregnant women to get basically naked in front of the camera, but Melissa and Michael had me laughing and talking it up the whole time.  The conversation flowed oh so smoothly and I loved my time with them.

Then just a short time later baby Claire was born!  They waited to find out the sex because they wanted to be surprised when their baby was born, and surprised they were.  Baby Claire is absolutely stunning!

I always ask women how labor went and Melissa told me it was easy.  She was in labor in the hospital for just 4 hours and pushed hardly at all.  No epidural for this lady, she’s afraid of needles.  Apparently she didn’t need it.  WOW!  In her words, the pain was just never unbearable.

Michael was a big Pooh fan when he was a little guy and the bear on the right is his very old Pooh bear.  The one on the left is Claire’s Pooh.  Mr. Bear has changed quite a lot over the years.

Michael and Melissa are natural parents.  It’s like Claire has always been there.  In just 5 days of parenthood they looked like pros.

Claire was a dream baby!  She wanted her pacifier a lot, but once we fed her she slept and slept.  Even when she was hungry she wasn’t bad at all!  I don’t even think she fussed until she was in her car seat to go home.


So small!  She probably wouldn’t even have fit in the basket a week later.

Claire was holding onto the hat and after pulling it off her head she wouldn’t let go.  What a strong little lady.  I was pulling pretty hard at this point.  Haha





Melissa, Michael, and Claire, I loved our time together!  I hope to be your photographers for life!