Just before Heather met JC she was convinced having another baby wasn’t in the cards for her.  In fact she went as far as to tell her girlfriends that if she meets the right guy he better not want any kids.  Haha.  Famous last words.

The truth is Heather was made for kids, programmed for motherhood, and there isn’t a job in the world she would rather do!


During our maternity shoot Heather was laughing.  All.  The. Time.  Of course I loved it, but I really can’t take credit for it.  She’s just happy.


And then there’s her 12 year old daughter Lexi who I absolutely adore.  She was shy, but so polite.  An avid reader like myself, she’s a self proclaimed book worm.  I told her to never change even when all the cool kids in middle school are trying to be the same.


Just a short time later little River arrived to make this family and even 4.

And a family they are indeed!  Tight to the core.

River was an exceptional model.


Even throwing in a few lucky smiles here and there.


But, she is an eater.  There are some babies that just want to eat.  So when she got started she didn’t want to stop.  In the pic on the right Heather is quietly singing to River.  No song in particular.  Talk singing really.  But it was beautiful.  I added this memory to my collection.  Put it on the top shelf where it’s safe.

It was obvious River adored her parents, but not nearly as much as she adores her big sis.  In Lexi’s gentle arms River was quiet, calm, and content.

And yes that’s some tongue.  I guess I deserved it.  I wouldn’t leave her alone, but then who could?


Heather, JC, Lexi, and River I could take a lifetime of pictures of your family and never get tired of it.  My love goes out to your family!  I’m so happy to be your photographer!