This is little Adalynn, and she’s turning one!


Little Adalynn is one of the happiest baby girls I’ve had the honor of shooting.  I give all the credit to her awesome parents Tara and Buddy!

We did this shoot early in the morning, well early for me.  8 AM!  I don’t shoot in the dawn light often, but I loved it.  It’s very different than dusk.  Brighter, and more vibrant.  The problem with the morning light is that it can get harsh fast.  Unlike dusk that just gets better as the sun goes down.  Lucky for us, Adalynn was in a great mood and the shoot only lasted about 45 minutes.  She was smiling the whole time!


Tara says she does this scrunchy face a lot.  So happy we were able to capture it.



What a cute and happy family!  I’m ready for them to have more!


Tara, Adalynn, and Buddy I had a blast taking your pics.  I can’t believe little newborn Adalynn in now a one year old.  She’s also perfect!