I’m in love with the light in my new space.  I call it a space and not a studio, because really that’s what it is.  A backdrop for the most gorgeous pictures.  The fire house.  Jon wanted me to call is the fire station, but I just started calling it the fire house and now he does too.

I love taking pictures there, it’s never complicated, and I’m always thrilled with the results.  I’m sure there will come a time when I get bored with the same old stuff and have to move on, but for now I’m oh so happy.

Funny thing is yesterday I was able to photograph a real firefighter in the firehouse.  Devin saw the pics online and also fell in love with the space, but Jason, a real firefighter, was the most thrilled.  He marveled at the 150 year old building informing me it was one of the first and biggest fire stations in the city during it’s day.  While upstairs he tried to figure out where they would drop the hay down for the horses.  yup it’s that old.  Horse use to live down below.  They would drop the gear on them and head out.  Jason informed me it was actually the Independence FD that invented the mechanism for the quick transition to get the horses and water out faster.  Cool!

The shoot only lasted about 45 minutes, but don’t be mistaken these are extremely cute kids with adorable parents.  I’m so happy to share some wonderful pictures from one of my original clients!  Love!