Meet the Smith family!  You might recognize Carroll she is one of the models featured on my commercial website.  She’s kinda got it all, she’s beautiful, she’s happy, and she’s got an adorable family.

This is little Beckett and he thought I was hilarious!  He’s now one year old, and fearless, and awesome!

I love my job taking pictures of adorable kids.  They make me feel really cool.

I thought this might be a cool pic and it was except Beckett was lethal with the balls.  He already has quite an arm!

Brian is a great dad and oh so hopeful during the photo shoot.  He even tried to fix our broken lawn mower that Jon left in the yard.  Thanks hun.  Classy!

I might or might not have been singing the frog song during this pic.  Anyway Beckett liked it!

So so happy to get to work with the Smith family again.  I just can’t get enough!  Make more babies ok?