Some kids are naturally happy. Some kids are photogenic.  VERY few are both.   But that would pretty much sum up this little guy.  From the moment he sat down in front of the camera, until he was spent, he was ear to ear grinning.  And, he thought I was hilarious in fact in this picture he was belly laughing so hard at me that he fell over backwards.  And kept laughing.  I love my job!

At just 7 months old this little man is in the 90th percent in both height and weight.  My prediction is he’ll be walking in just 2 months.

Malachi and momma Tish.  They are so bonded.

Both Tish and Jermaine are happy people, but Malachi has a huge personality just like his daddy.

Check out those gums.  He’s got a couple bottom teeth, but luckily no top teeth yet.  I love it!

Words can describe the fun I had during this photo shoot!  I love this family.  Can’t wait for next time!