Meet Lillian or Lil for short.

At just 8 days old she is absolutely perfect.

Her momma Kara is absolutely obsessed.  I can’t even tell you how many times she whispered into her tiny ears “I love you Lil”.  Melted my heart.

Especially since I’ve been friends with Kara since high school, and now she’s a mommy.  And she loves it.  In fact, she told me I should give her a try because it’s pretty awesome.  After spending an afternoon with Lil it doesn’t sound like a bad idea, she really is that great.

Just the tiniest smile.

And a hungry caterpillar.  This hat and  sack will be for sale at my new studio in the boutique!  Babies loved to be in these tiny sacks.

Josh was so chilled out and totally in love.  He’s already a great dad!

By the time we were done with pics Lil was exhausted.  She passed out on Josh’s chest.

I can’t wait to capture this little one as she grows up!  Thanks to Kara, Josh, and grandma Janet for making it an awesome experience!