This is Shelby and Ronnie. Crazy in love, future parents, and oh so happy!

Getting pregnant wasn’t easy for Shelby, and after her miscarriage  she started to worry she’d never be a mom., which is impossible , because Shelby was made for motherhood.  So when she called to say she was expecting, I was beyond excited for her.

Ronnie loves Shelby pregnant. It wasn’t just her glow, or beautiful curves, but the fact that she was carrying his baby.  I think that is so cool!

Just a few weeks after our shoot little Sully was born!  And he’s a slice of perfection pie.

We did this shoot at my brand new studio in Mudpies and Lolipops Children’s boutique!  The light was perfection, and I’m kinda in love with the new space!  Sully is officially my break in the studio baby!  I want to pick out a picture to put up in the space.

I love hearing about the first few days of parenthood.  It’s probably for me, in hopes that I’ll somehow, in some way, be more prepared when I decide to become a parent.  But I only really realize there is no way to be prepared.  Ronnie and Shelby have gotten through those tough “oh what have we done” nights.  They are falling into a routine and work as a real team.  So awesome!

He slept through the whole shoot.  I think he make a little noise when we did a diaper change.  That’s it!

Sully, Shelby and Ronnie, I loved our time together.  Grow fast so we can do pics again soon!