Meet Ryan, a perfect little butterball!  He doesn’t just look like a big newborn, he is a big newborn.  He was born 9 lbs, and 7 days later I’m not sure he doesn’t weigh more.  I love chubby babies!

Mama Kim was rested, relaxed, and totally in love.  A great testament to the teamwork she and Chris have in taking care of the baby.

Big brother Aaron was a really great 2 year old during the shoot.  In the new studio, I have a train table and he had a blast playing with it!  I’m not sure he realizes that the baby, his mom keeps giving all her attention to, will someday grow up to be his best friend.

Daddy Chris was a twin and understands the bond of brotherhood like no other.  He hopes these boys are just as close.

Chris, Kim, Aaron, and Ryan, I had a blast spending the morning with you.  You are a really cool family, with a world of love.  I’m already looking forward to next time.  Grown baby Ryan, grow fast!  Can’t wait to see you again soon!