I went to small college,  William Woods University.  We were the owls, and I was a Chi- O/ horse girl / teaching major/Social Butterfly.  I knew everyone, because there were only a few students.  Around 1,000, if that.  It worked for me, I liked the small school feel, I mean I could stroll into the president’s office for a chat at any time.  It was great for me, but the appeal of a big college was always there.  Mostly the rah rah, overwhelming, we rock, team spirit, kinda stuff.  I love the camaraderie that comes with have a big sports team. And that’s exactly the feeling I got while shooting in Fayetteville, Arkansas last weekend.

There were Razorbacks everywhere.  Razorback laundry, razorback chinese food, razorback diner, Oh and a whole fraternity parking lot full of trucks…so razorbackish.  I think it was the Sigma Chi house.  Pretty funny.  Those were the pot heads in Fulton.  Cowboys and Pot heads.  Hmmm….

So the shoot was awesome and getting to see hilly little Fayetteville and U of A campus was great too.

This is the Madigan family, and if you’ve been hanging out for awhile you’ve seen them grow up on this very blog.

Eva just keeps getting more and more gorgeous, and Gavin, well he’ll always have my heart.  Especially after his excitement of seeing me.  Literally reached for me and cuddled me when I held him.  Angie said he never does that.  He will forever be my boy!

This last picture cracks me up!  Can they be any more perfect!  Look at those cheeks, and Eva is ready for her Vogue shoot!

I love you Madigans…nuff said!