These are the Horwitz babies, and they are growing up WAY too fast!  Thank goodness baby number 3 is on the way, because I love taking their pictures.  I think the photos below will tell it all, but you need to know little Greyson was so perfect during our shoot he did everything I asked.  And Lyla, well she’s just happy, and that makes her perfect.

I could go on and on about this awesome family and how much I adore them, but I really want to talk about what to expect on a shoot with me.

I guess you could say I’m pretty laid back.  My first priority is to make sure everyone is relaxed and enjoying the shoot.  Even if that means taking a little extra time to play with the kids.  I made a little list of things I do during a shoot.

#1 I like to have the people, big and small, looking at me.

To accomplish the whole look at the camera thing I like to jump out from behind the camera, and roar.  A lot!  I’m not proud, but it’s me, and it makes the parents laugh.  No really I’m looking at the kids, but the parents are laughing, because I look ridiculous.  I’m fine with it.  Adults are notorious for the cheese smile, and it can really mess my photos up.  🙂  If I’m taking pictures of the kids alone it can be tricky because the parents know they can get the best smiles out of the kids.  So I have them stand directly behind me.  It can get really overwhelming really fast when 2 parents are continually saying a kids name.  So I try not to say the kids names at all, I just make weird noises and stuff.

Most the time the roar works, except when it makes the kids scared.  Then I have to sing songs, smile a big as possible, let them play with my camera, make silly faces, and even get Jon to act like a goof behind me.

 #2  I am fast

Jon thinks I have super powers.  Like super hearing, super smelling, and yes super moving.  I’m going to blame/give credit to my ADD for the super powers.  My shoots go fast!  Unless it’s a newborn, then they go really slow.  I’m going to be moving your kids here, there, and everywhere.  You won’t even know what happened, but I know when I got the shot, and I move on.  Fast!

#3 I talk a lot

I tell stories, ask questions, and want to get to know you and your family.  My clients become friends so why not start during the shoot.  🙂

#4 I like to catch your kids being your kids.  So not smiling in all the pictures is totally fine, because really your kids aren’t smiling all the time in real life.

#5 I live for these moments.  Play with your kids hug them, kiss them, talk to them, and interact with them.  Just like you would at home, I’m there with my camera ready to capture the most precious moments.

#6 I don’t pose your kids much, I want to see what they’ll do on their own.  In this picture, I told Greyson to lean against the wall, and bame he gave me this cool guy pose!  Priceless!

#7 I like to set your kids up.  I put Lyla in this box and she loved it!  She was having a blast.  Sometimes it’s the most simple thing.

#8 And sometimes I’ll make you do something you don’t want to do.  For example, I saw this amazing light and couldn’t let it get wasted on Jon, so as we’re loading up our cars I asked Colleen to step into this light and we were able to get this beautiful portrait!  I told Colleen it would make a beautiful facebook picture and she laughed out loud.  She’s the most humble person ever and I’m pretty sure she’s mortified that I even posted it.  (reread first sentence of #8)

So that’s it!  8 things to expect on your shoot with me.  I’m sure there’s more, but you’ll just have to come see me!