Meet Chandler, he’s a thoughtful, loving, animated, little man!  And I enjoyed our time together oh so much!

While posing little people I like them to make it their own, so I really just ask them to go sit or stand in one area.  It’s up to them to do the rest.  Chandler stood with his feet apart in the pic on the left and crossed his feet in the pic on the right.  It was so cute, and so him.  I like to capture kids being kids!

This family is adorable.  They are so bonded.

“Chandler do something silly”

And he kept on laughing.  I just loved it.  My camera was clicking away like crazy!

I love my job especially when I fall in love with the family just like I did the Blake’s.  I hope I will get to be their photographer again soon, or at least in a couple months when they are adding another member!  xoxo